Maybe I'm Crazy

but lightning might strike me tonight

hi, i'm an adult like a real adult like i could be some of y'all's parent and because my age, i sometimes reblog adult things like sex things and sometimes i even post nsfw fic drabbles here, so if you're under 18, keep that in mind

i mean, i mostly post cm and comics and real life issues and politics and sometimes ask for fic prompts while whining about not finishing fic, but yeah, sometimes nsfw content and also i'm an adult

for more info, read my about, thx

"you’re consistently terrible." -terni


blog name: [not going to put it up until i grab it]
purpose: to put up links to originals for reposts (esp when it’s 5 out of 10 posts in a page on the tag goddamn guys) so that everyone in the tags can see it
how: “below the read more is a graphic being reposted, plz reblog the original [link] instead so you 1) aren’t clogging the tag and 2) are giving proper credit to the maker. if you’ve reblogged the repost, plz delete it and reblog the original. thanks!” with the image under a read more, tagged appropriately [“criminal minds,” “spencer reid,” etc]
who: co-ran by such lovely ppl as neeterz, lintu, shelby, etc