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but lightning might strike me tonight

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"you’re consistently terrible." -terni

so no but really

1) it is not ok to snatch things away from people, no matter how fucking fancy it is

2) it is not ok to pressure your friend into do something they don’t want to do

3) it is SUPER NOT ok to keep pressuring and pushing them and haggling and bargaining with them after they’ve asked you, quite clearly, to fucking DROP IT

4) it is not ok to tell some random stranger about your friend’s problems like that

and this is all SUPER UPSETTING to me giving the following contexts:

  • you are supposedly his bestie
  • you lost your own parents
  • you run a grief support group
  • and just…NO


everything about garcia’s behaviors was super invasive and i really dislike that everyone lets her get away with it. it’s really inappropriate.

and just…everyone grieves differently and if she doesn’t even understand that in relation to her bestie? i feel very sorry for her support group.

in short: if you think what garcia did during this episode was good? i’m gonna be side-eyeing you. for a very long time.