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"you’re consistently terrible." -terni

oh cool i get to go into my bank tomorrow because they probably are fraudulent charges!

it’s almost 5a and what am i doing?

waiting on hold with student loans to find out if i’ve been accidentally paying them extra or if i have multiple fraudulent charges haha




im gonna come out and say that ichabbie is my one and only Notp 

and i’m really hoping that it’s unrequited (abbie is kinda all over him lbr) because ICHABOD IS MARRIED

but i just watched 1x06 and i’m getting huuuge dean/cas vibes off these two with abbie’s “i don’t know what i’d do if i lost you” and the “never do that again” (which dean actually did say in 9x03 *wipes tear*)

which makes me happier about dean/cas because they said they’d be playing the “will they/won’t they really heavily” with ichabod and abbie

why can’t there just be a show with a guy and a girl as just FRIENDS why can’t people understand that a male and a female can work together for an extended period of time without them falling in love or having sex whY CAN’T THEY JUST


fucking excuse me? when exactly has abbie EVER been “all over” ichabod? don’t worry..i’ll wait. and if i remember correctly, ichabod was the one making eyes at abbie under the mistletoe in the golum (1x10) and bowing to her in the sin eater (1x06). and drinking shady tea in for the triumph of evil (1x03) to protect her. ichabod was the one reciting wedding vows to abbie in every fucking episode. 

let’s get into it:

  • "Our fates are entwined now"
  • "Through these centuries, against the impossibility that we’d find each other, we did. And I am most grateful for it."
  • “I do take comfort in knowing that this strange road we find ourselves on can only be traveled together.”
  • “Your company holds the greatest value to me.”
  • "It seems that you and I, our paths were entwined from the very start."
  • "All we really get is one another."
  • "I swear to you…for as long as I can draw breath.."
  • "Perhaps you were called to something, Abbie. Perhaps we both were."
  • "You and I will choose our own destiny. We have freewill. I choose to forge my fate with you."


  • “You are much easier to read than a Vigenère cipher,”
  • "I look forward to you expanding my horizons further."
  • "If using this map meant betraying your trust…That’s something I cannot do. For the world. For our friendship."
  • "When I remembered you, I saw this world for what it truly is"
  • "Remember our bond. I’ll come back for you."

let’s not forget that crane is the one who brushed his face up against abbie’s ass but abbie’s totes throwing herself at ichabod. okay op. 

there would be nothing new or unique about abbie and ichabod remaining friends. your little rant about guys and girls remaining friends doesn’t apply to black women because black female characters are always desexualized and never get paired with the male lead.

let’s not forget that there’s other male/female platonic relationships on the show that you conveniently ignored:

  • abbie x frank
  • abbie x luke
  • jenny x ichabod
  • jenny x frank

also, shows with strong male/female friendships:

  • law and order: svu (olivia x elliott)
  • elementary (sherlock x joan)
  • sesame street

you might want to want one of those if you don’t want to see the leads get romantic.

also, people ship characters that aren’t even on the same show, but ichabbie can’t be shipped because of crane’s (boring) marriage? stop it. this is embarrassing for you.

let’s be real. the only reason why ichabbie is your notp is because you don’t like abbie and shipping her with the white male lead disrupts your precious white fantasies. your blog is a shrine to whiteness. 


of course someone with the url twerkingcastiel has some unoriginal and ignorant shit to say, who would have thought?

"and i’m really hoping that it’s unrequited (abbie is kinda all over him lbr) because ICHABOD IS MARRIED” okay… 










image ”All we really get is one another”imageimage

do you want more lmao what is he looking at 


anyway. i think ashley said everything but i’m just gonna add…

That being said, Abbie and Crane, lots has been written and said about will they or won’t they? I think that they care for each other so deeply and the bond is so deep and I think more than anything, that’s what Katrina is responding to, the fact that they do share something that he doesn’t share with his wife.” actual co-creator, co-writer, executive producer, Alex Kurtzman

It’s something that is very real. He’s spent a lot of time with Abbie, creating this bond, and their relationship has been a very tricky one in terms of the emotions involved between the two of them. So that’s definitely something that Katrina’s going to wonder, ‘Where does that relationship lie?" actual co-creator, executive producer, Len Wiseman

 ”Abbie deciding to go to Purgatory instead of Crane betraying her is both a gesture of love on her part and also a self-protective one. She doesn’t want to give Crane the opportunity to betray her. That’s horrible. It’s like, “I break up with you before you break up with me.” - actual co-creator, co-writer, executive producer, Roberto Orci

She’s very smart, he’s very smart, and together, they’re brilliant. I think we always want to make them two halves of a whole." actual writer, and co-executive producer, Damian Kindler

Sleepy Hollow writers: image



BUT OMG ICHABOD IS MARRIED!! Well look what your precious  married!!!!11!!! couple think about their own ship:imageimageimage


… image

What do you think about a romance between Ichabod and Abbie?


Can you say whether you’re shipping Ichabod and Abbie or Ichabod and Katrina?

Well, you’re going to start seeing a lot more of Katrina, and a lot more of their relationship in the past. And you’ll kind of understand why their relationship is so strong. Of course, Ichabod and Abbie, that’s just lovely, isn’t it? That’s just a wonderful pairing.” - Tom Mison

Even with a less-than-desirable wardrobe, the question of a romance between Ichabod and Abbie was inevitable. Mison admitted that, due to circumstances, they’re forced together whether they like it or not and “they wind each other up no end. But that’s when the sparks start flying, and when sparks start flying.” He realized it’s inevitable that people will “ship” them and remarked, “if anything was to happen between them — it would certainly be fiery.” 

not to mention all the times he’s been throwing shade at his fictional wife in interviews and talked about ichabbie with hearts in his eyes. even the actors don’t ship it and know the ship is a joke and boring as fuck, so who fucking cares if they’re married? last time i checked marriage in other shows didn’t stop people from shipping slash pairings between two white dudebros (see: merthur in bbc merlin while throwing gwen under the bus)

"ichabbie is my one and only Notp" do you want a fucking cookie? give me a break. do yourself a favor and just admit that you’re a racist piece of shit who doesn’t want to see a black woman being cherished and loved by one of your favourite white males on TV.

goodbye and stay pressed.image

(Source: wiccanstiel)

you know probably the only trauma storyline that was well handled and consistently brought up when there were obvious triggers is Reid’s captivity and torture

like here we are on 4x20 and they’re showing flashbacks and having a convo with Morgan

like hey who else remembers Reid bringing up not seeing a light in s7

like hey Erica’s bringing up his drug use in interviews for s10 re: him trying to work thru his latest trauma

hmm hmmmmmmmmm

leoandpavelplaydoctor said: I think I actually have a list like that floating around somewhere.

oh man if you find it, let me know bc I’d be super interested in seeing it (and possibly adding to it haha)!

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He has a record of killing us an they hired him back and put him in a community that’s mainly black?!?!?! I CANNOT.

His entire department at a previous town was shut down because of widespread corruption. they were literally so bad that people voted to close the police down.

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girls don’t like boys girls like trans headcanons

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*thinks of making a post about character’s traumas and how well (or not) the show has dealt with them*


btw justjasper, my blog doesn’t list you as someone I’m following, but when I went to your blog, it said unfollow in the upper right hand corner and it let me fanmail you, so IDK if what’s messing up there

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Just let this sink in for a bit. #ferguson


Just let this sink in for a bit. #ferguson

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